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Mar 14th 2016 Living Cities Consortium

Terrenus Land & Water is, as a founding part of the Living Cities Consortium, hosting a presentation at Holyrood entitled ‘Living Drainage: Putting the Sustainable back into SuDS’. This presentation explores the Blue-Green environment with respect to urban renewal. Terrenus will be addressing how Blue-Green Infrastructure can be integrated with the delivery of Sustainable Drainage Systems. Terrenus has been working with Clyde Gateway in Dalmarnock in the integration of Blue-Green with SuDS and the Holyrood event will consider this matter further. Let us know if you would like notes from the event..

Mar 14th 2016 New Associate Director Douglas Aitken

Our new Associate Director (Douglas Aitken) will be known to many, since he joined Terrenus back in 2002 prior to spending some time in Australia. He is now back and brings to the company a wide range of skills and expertise including additional scope in detailed site and catchment modelling for flood risk assessment purposes. In a country where the risk of flooding is often in the minds of the Planning Authorities Douglas brings both a robust understanding of the assessment of flooding and a pragmatic attitude to the development process. Feel free to contact him for a chat.

Mar 14th 2016 Terrenus Land & Water is enjoying growth and looking to the future

We congratulate Mabbett on their acquisition of Terrenus Environmental Ltd and look forward to future collaborations with the newly formed Mabbett Environmental Planning Ltd. Mabbett Environmental Planning Ltd and Mabbett are wholly separate companies to Terrenus Land & Water. Terrenus Land & Water is enjoying growth and looking to the future.

Feb 18th 2016 So it rains in Scotland

So it rains in Scotland, but the impact of flooding has been severe on many communities, both here and in other parts of the UK. Being flooded out is nasty and has a heavy impact on families and businesses as anyone in the areas affected will know only too well. The flooding, in recent months, has not been limited to simply high levels in local rivers but includes water moving over the land by surface flow and also due to a failure of local drainage systems. Flooding from the sea is also up there but for now we will consider only inland flooding. The reasons for flooding are complex. Even if it appears simply to be an overtopping river the causes of such an event could be upstream land use, local urban design and the possibility of climate change. Flooding is a natural process, however, and a sound knowledge of the local environment is an important first step in protecting ourselves. This understanding will often involve building a robust computer model of a local area or watercourse to simulate what will happen when the big storms arrive. We at Terrenus Land & Water undertake flood risk assessments and provide professional advice to small and large scale developers and to the public sector as to how land can be developed safely and with as low a risk as possible. Sometimes flood problems preclude local land development however; in most cases there is a way to proceed with a revised development as long as a robust understanding of the local environment is established. Whether you need advice for an existing property or for a new development calling Terrenus will be the best decision you make when facing the risk of flooding.

Dec 1th 2015 M8 Jn29A Bishopton

A new motorway junction is being considered for Bishopton from the M8. The design entails a number of embankments as the M8 and A8 are linked. Along with Dougall Baillie Associates, Terrenus Land & Water has been involved in the project for some years having undertaken the Hydrology Chapter of the Environmental Statement and managed much of the site investigation works. We are currently engaged in providing geo-technical services to the project including slope stability and settlement analysis.

Dec 1th 2015 South Dalmarnock

Terrenus Group was been appointed by Clyde Gateway earlier in 2015 to facilitate the development of a major site in South Dalmarnock on the banks of the River Clyde. This site forms a key part of Dalmarnock renewal and with it Clyde Gateway is seeking to maximise the environmental impact of the natural rainfall runoff from the site. For the project Terrenus Land & Water is working alongside Terrenus Environmental in the development of a robust Sustainable Drainage System which improves and enhances the blue / green environment. What is the blue green environment? It is the integration of the hard engineering required to manage rainfall runoff with enhanced water movement. By this the flora and fauna for the local area is enhanced.

Dec 1th 2015 Stranraer

Terrenus Land & Water has been engaged by Dumfries & Galloway Council to carry out a detailed marine model for Loch Ryan. We will update you regarding this project shortly.

Dec 1th 2015 Barnton Avenue West

Some projects are small but complex. Terrenus Land & Water has been asked to undertake a detailed 2D flood assessment for a site in Edinburgh. This project involves considering the historic movement of water in the area and the impact that more recent drainage works in a sizable part of the local catchment may have had on the risk of flooding.

July 9th 2015

Working closely with Clyde Gateway in South Dalmarnock we, along with our partners in Terrenus Group, are opening up possibilities of developing the more traditional Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) into Blue Green infrastructure networks. These networks bring water management and green infrastructure together with considerable amenity, economic and environmental benefits.

July 9th 2015

The DEFRAEA project SC060064 – Coastal flood boundary conditions for UK mainland and islands methodology has recently been updated and Terrenus now uses the new data set which brings particular advantages in the assessment of flood risk in tidal estuarine areas of Scotland.

July 9th 2015

Terrenus uses the MIKE software for river and surface water flooding analysis. We have a partnership with DHI Group for over ten years and through continuous professional development we offer powerful solutions to water related problems.

July 9th 2015

As many of you will know, co-founder of Terrenus, Fraser Duff has decided to retire from the business and engage in developing his photography business. Fraser has a keen interest in photography and has set up a new business called Alexander Fraser Photography. Fraser continues to serve the company as a consultant.