Soil, Rock & Water.

With capabilities in the soil, rock and water environments we at Terrenus Land & Water are experts in achieving a very high project success rate be it Land Acquisition, Planning, Due Diligence or Mitigation Design.
Please browse our website and contact us if you would like to discuss what we can do for your site
or simply for some advice on land quality assessment.

News Update.

Terrenus Land & Water moves from strength to strength as an independent company continuing to provide the
same first class services to our clients that we have done since the year 2000.
New opportunities arise in the field of Blue-Green Infrastructure and detailed 2D flood modelling. See our News Page for more details.

Why do our clients continue to use our services?

The answer is simple. We deliver the right solutions for land development in a timely and cost effective manner.
Getting it right first time; on time.

There is no doubt that how we develop land is in the process of change – from coping with new legislation to sustainability issues and from changes in the Planning process to funding matters, land development is bound by risk, complexity and cost. As a specialist consultancy
Terrenus Land & Water reduces the risk, cuts through the complexity and curbs the project costs associated with land development.